In 2017...

I launched Career Aviators Ireland, strategically aligned with Career Aviators but structured independently as an Irish business. I use Career Aviators’ proven methodology and maintain the high standards of practice of Career Aviators in Canada. 

I work weekly with clients, from across Ireland and other parts of the world to help them to find positions in which they will excel, value highly and love to do.  Career Aviators Ireland provides career planning and transition support to serve those in the early, middle and late stages of their career, bringing meaning and happiness into their lives.

I see clients by Skype, phone and email in and occasionally in person.


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About Sinead Mellett

Career Management Consultant, Career Aviators Ireland



Sinead Mellett, PhD, MSc, BA holds a doctorate in Philosophy, a Masters in Technology Management, a Specialist Diploma in Teaching, Learning and Scholarship and a Degree in Marketing. She brings international industry experience working in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Europe in diverse sectors, including academia, banking, research, the public sector, retail, manufacturing, training and media. Sinead has many publications in the area of e-learning, practice-based learning, green innovation, micro-business and small and medium enterprise. In 2019 Sinead will have completed a year of training and supervised practice in the Career Aviators methodology, helping clients to find positions in which they will excel, value highly and love to do.