10 Characteristics of A Rapid Effective Job Search

its often the time of year when people think about career and job transitions. Our coming celebration of sustaining a consistent 93 % success rate over 5 years has led me to explore the difference between those who rapidly find positions in which they will excel, value highly and love to do and those who have not experienced this kind of success prior to our work together.

Some clients have spent a year or more searching with few replies to their applications. Others have transitioned but the position is just “okay” and they want to find something that truly fits.

I reviewed over 100 clients who have used our services and 10 characteristics came up repeatedly in how they planned and executed a rapid effective job search:

1.       They created a career destination that will mobilize their chosen strengths, in the direction of their deepest values and what they are most curious about.

2.       They took the time to understand themselves, what they wanted and what they chose to bring to their next position.

3.       Their search was driven by a powerful career statement which they continually sharpened and focused as they zeroed in on the job titles they are seeking.

4.       80% of their job search was spent on field research and 20% all other strategies.

5.       Their resume was accomplishment oriented and highly targeted to the qualifications the employer was seeking.

6.       Their entire process was directed at “finding offers: not “looking for a job”.

7.       Each application was written to get the interview and not the job.

8.       They recruited and managed a team of at least 15 lookouts who helped them to find positions before they were posted.

9.       They negotiated between offers with their career statement as guideline.

10.   They had once or sometimes twice a week with a career management consultant  

It only makes sense to integrate these ideas as you begin planning your career transition or job search


Cuernavaca, Mexico: Just Leave Your Worries At Home!

Cuernavaca, Mexico: Just Leave Your Worries At Home!

Coming to Cuernavaca, Mexico? Just leave your worries at home! There is no denying the online statistics that indicate that Cuernavaca, Mexico is a violent city, but this is my second visit to Cuernavaca in the last year and I have not seen anything that looked like violence. Instead, I have met some of the kindest, most helpful and happy people I have ever met in my life.

I am learning Spanish at CETLALIC , the most progressive Spanish language immersion school in Mexico, but I still have a long way to go to learn the language and I just know a little Spanish at the moment. If I listened to the media, though, I should be at great risk because I don’t know the language and I am a senior travelling alone, all over the city on local transportation. I also walk throughout the downtown area and I have yet to see any violence. In fact, I hear less sirens than I do in Toronto. I see kids playing outside and travelling to school and adults going about their daily business just like at home. I have been completely lost three times now while exploring the city. I had to ask people I have never met before in another language for help. One person walked me to where I wanted to go; the other person called the Spanish speaking family with whom I am staying to get directions; and a shop keeper took the time to draw a map on a piece of paper showing me exactly where I needed to go.

As a point of comparison, I first visited Cuernavaca 10 years ago and I feel as safe now as I did then. The change I have seen, which is sad, is the disappearance of several language schools. I think that Canadian and USA news, in a desire the select the facts that get the most listeners have managed to scare those responsible for language and cultural education in our countries into discontinuing programs that sent students to Cuernavaca.

It is sad for the students to be denied the experience to come to Cuernavaca. It is also sad because one of the most important principles in managing risks for social and educational programmes is to gather the facts. While reviewing general statistics and listening to the news is one method of gathering such information. I think that a closer analysis of the data and a site visit might have revealed that students staying with host families and coming to Cuernavaca do not fit the common profile of those who have been victims of violence. I have a feeling that students might be at far greater risk walking to school in their own cities!

CETLALIC offers programming that promotes dialogue between Mexico and the people of other cultures as well an excellent language learning program. I am having an incredibly rich and valuable experience learning Spanish at CETLALIC.

I hope those responsible for organizing language, social justice and cultural programming for students will reflect on their decisions and give students the opportunity to learn from and experience this precious city.

And… if you are travelling or be sure to visit Cuernavaca and leave your worries at home!