Career Development Increases Employee Retention-Engagement

Are you an HR Director?

A recent Forbes article, based on a study from Randstad (August 28, 2018) suggests  that “without career development opportunities, overall job satisfaction isn’t enough to attract, retain and engage employees” The study indicated that:

·        58% of workers say there isn’t enough growth opportunity to drive retention

·        69% would be more satisfied if their employers better utilized their skills and abilities

·        57% say taking their career to the next level requires leaving their company

Tom Rath is also quoted in this article: “As Tom Rath, best known for his book StrengthsFinder 2.0, says, “work is a purpose, not a place,” and when work starts to feel more like a purpose, we’ll see retention and satisfaction improve”

Career management consultants can help your HR team to introduce career development for your staff for internal professional growth within your company. Enhance your company’s capacity to attract, retain and engage employees!

Wayne Greenway is Chief Executive Officer with Career Aviators. Career Aviators is Canada's only career management firm that is a Certified B Corporation. We do career management far differently than any other provider. Career Aviators is set up to fund programs that help vulnerable youth to flourish in the face of highly stressful life situations. We do this with the profit from delivering innovative outplacement service and employee career development workshops.for our corporate clients.

We are proud of an 93% success rate in helping individual clients (professionals, executives and those in a position of responsibility) find positions in which they will excel, value highly and love to do.