Career Aviators On C2 Montreal: About Aithan Shapira


On C2, is a daily post which pulls out interesting aspects of C2 Montreal, May 22-24,2019 — The most forward-thinking business event in the world

One of the interesting speakers: “Aithan Shapira is the founder of Making to Think, a company that advises executives at complex, global organizations on how best to foster company cultures that enable innovation and change. Drawing from his experience as a professional artist, Aithan’s strategies and techniques are doing more than guide corporate incubators of talent — he’s also shaping international governments’ innovation initiatives, business and arts education curricula, and coaching leaders on how to “see and listen differently” in the tectonic shift from building tools to creating cultures as their competitive advantage. Aithan is currently leading three international university initiatives integrating their arts colleges and business schools, and he’s pioneering progressive curricula at the edge of leadership, skills retraining and the future of work at MIT Sloan, Harvard iLab, Stanford and the Berklee Institute for Creative Entrepreneurship” (C2 Montreal 2019 - Commerce and Creativity)

Are you considering a career transition? Wayne Greenway is Senior Partner with Career Aviators, a Certified B Corporation® that directs all profit to innovative youth leadership initiatives in Guelph, Ontario, Canada. He is proud of a 93% success rate in helping helps clients from across Canada to find jobs in which they will excel, value highly and love to do. Helping clients to get unstuck and move forward in career and business decisions is a regular part of his work, He is becoming known as a thought leader in this area.

Wayne was recently selected as a speaker accompaniment/support volunteer for the internationally renown C2 Conference 2019 and the Movin'on Summit in Montreal (May/June 2019)