Wednesday’s Job Search Engineer – End of interview Questions

Photo by  NOAA  on  Unsplash

Photo by NOAA on Unsplash

Wednesday’s  Career Aviators Job Search Engineer is a weekly blog post with quick questions and answers about job search

You have prepared for your interview. You have practiced with some friends.

But wait, you forgot about that question they always ask at the end of the interview:  “Do you have any questions for us?”

It might be the most important part of the interview.

Here are 4 suggestions for your consideration:

1.            What are the biggest gaps that will need to be addressed by the person in this position

2.            If you hired me for the position and we were meeting about my progress 6 months from now, what successes would you want me to be describing to you 

3.            What additional information can I provide about my qualifications

4.            What are the next steps in the interview process?

And …when they respond with their answers, don’t forget to look for opportunities where you can further demonstrate your fit!

Remember you are at the interview to see if the role and company fits what you are looking for as the employer is looking to see if you fit from their perspective.


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