Monday’s Getting Unstuck

Photo by  Blake Wheeler  on  Unsplash

Its Monday and can’t you just wait to get to work?

Maybe not?

Have you been thinking about a transition but you can never get past thinking about how good it would be.

Execution keeps getting put aside. You are “stuck” and you are not alone.

A big part of getting unstuck involves being able to powerfully say what skills and knowledge you choose to use in your next step and your deepest core values that will drive those strengths forward.

Define these qualities along with what you are most curious about and tell a couple of friends about your intentions.

If they both see you getting excited as you tell them your plans you are likely on the right path.  

Move forward in this direction.

When your When your thinking mind thoughts ( I am going to fail, I will be embarrassed, I am too old/young I am not skilled enough etc.) creep in – notice them and ask yourself if those thoughts are helpful in moving forward?

If the answer is “no” keep moving in the planned direction without heeding to the thinking mind thoughts.

Let the thinking mind jabber on while you continue on your intended path.

Be ready to repeat this process over again many times. Each time you take action, your thinking mind will have less control over you.

Using such a practice you will become unstuck.



Wayne Greenway is Chief Executive Office with Career Aviators. Career Aviators  is Canada's only career management firm that is a Certified B Corporation. Career Aviators helps professionals, managers, and executives find positions in which they will excel, value highly, and love to do. The profits from our work support programs to help vulnerable youth flourish in the face of highly stressful life situations.