Wednesday’s Job Search Engineer – Your Job Search Strategy

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Wednesday’s Job Search Engineer is a weekly blog post with quick questions and answers about basic job search

Annabelle has written in to say that she has heard that the best way to get the job she wants is to uncover it before it is posted.

Annabelle, you are absolutely right.

You will have far more success finding the job this way,

Here are 6 steps to uncover hidden jobs

1. Do a careful self assessment. Be sure of the job title you want to do next.  You will spend 60% of your waking hours doing this job.. It should be doing something that you are curious about, good at, and value highly.

2. Your goal is to build a lookout team of people with this job title who will look out for opportunities for you before they are posted. 

3. Make your list of people to contact by starting with people known to you. Then, use google and linked in to find more names. Put their contact information in a spreadsheet.

4. Once you have your resume ready and a great set of questions to ask these people, Send an email giving your pitch. Let them know that you are planning a career transition into the kind work  they are doing. Ask if you can learn from their experience in the field by meeting with them over the phone for about 15 minutes. Never ask for a job.

5. Follow up in a very friendly and enthusiastic way every 3 days, alternating between phone and email messages to show your interest and inspire them to speak with you.

6. Try to do 15- 40 of these informational Interviews. Improve and deepen your questions after each meeting..

In future blog posts, we will talk about how to conduct informational interviews.

If you have a career question email me . I answer all your emails and one might end up being a topic for a blog post..


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