Opinion: Recruiting and Retaining Top Talent Needs Re-invention

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“It’s impossible to get better at hiring if you can’t tell whether the candidates you select become good employees. If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there. You must have a way to measure which employees are the best ones.

Why is that not getting through to companies? Surveyed employers say the main reason they don’t examine whether their practices lead to better hires is that measuring employee performance is difficult. Surely this is a prime example of making the perfect the enemy of the good, ” Peter Cappelli states in his article, “Your Approach to Hiring Is All Wrong” In the May June 2019 issue of the Harvard Business Review

His article covers a lot of ground on both the recruitment and retention fronts, that I see from the “other side of the table”, as we help job seekers strive for positions in these roles in their job search.

Its not uncommon to see the poorly prepared job descriptions that Cappelli describes, are designed to get more people in the funnel. Yet, its clear that the tools to screen massive numbers of resume are not yet sophisticated enough to tease out the most talented candidates for interviews.  “We don’t know whether any of these [new systems] actually lead to better hires, because few of them are validated against actual job performance.” Cappelli continues.

Cappelli states that there is more hiring at all levels than ever before and that “the root cause of most hiring, therefore, is drastically poor retention” He references LinkedIn data to support the notion  “that the most common reason employees consider a position elsewhere is career advancement—which is surely related to employers’ not promoting to fill vacancies”.

From my side of the table, limited interest in existing employee career development, grand but empty values statements holding up an unhealthy work culture, poor management skills, and workplace bullying are also profound and common complementary drivers of poor retention. A culture of “great bosses” would go a long way to fostering retention.

John Rampton describe it well in an INC Newsletter, “As much work as you try make your company attractive to talented people, the truth is employees might be leaving because of their bosses. In fact, research has shown people tend to quit their bosses, not companies. If you can cultivate an environment where employees feel rewarded and gratified, you'll already be ahead of a great deal of other bosses out there.”

Just imagine the impact on retention, if every employee’s work meant: a sense of engagement in what they are doing; mutually determined ongoing professional development; supervision designed to the help the employee be successful in achieving goals aligned with both the company’s aspirations and the employees long tern career plans; genuine interest in the employees life and well being, a culture of  connectedness, playfulness and humour without losing focus on the seriousness of the work that needs to be done… and along with a competitive salary and benefits.

Cappeli is right. We need to find better ways to mend our sometimes broken systems in recruiting and retaining  top talent.

Career Development Increases Employee Retention-Engagement

Career Development Increases Employee Retention-Engagement

Are you an HR Director?

A recent Forbes article, based on a study from Randstad (August 28, 2018) suggests  that “without career development opportunities, overall job satisfaction isn’t enough to attract, retain and engage employees” The study indicated that:

·        58% of workers say there isn’t enough growth opportunity to drive retention

·        69% would be more satisfied if their employers better utilized their skills and abilities

·        57% say taking their career to the next level requires leaving their company

Tom Rath is also quoted in this article: “As Tom Rath, best known for his book StrengthsFinder 2.0, says, “work is a purpose, not a place,” and when work starts to feel more like a purpose, we’ll see retention and satisfaction improve”

Career management consultants can help your HR team to introduce career development for your staff for internal professional growth within your company. Enhance your company’s capacity to attract, retain and engage employees!

Wayne Greenway is Chief Executive Officer with Career Aviators. Career Aviators is Canada's only career management firm that is a Certified B Corporation. We do career management far differently than any other provider. Career Aviators is set up to fund programs that help vulnerable youth to flourish in the face of highly stressful life situations. We do this with the profit from delivering innovative outplacement service and employee career development workshops.for our corporate clients.

We are proud of an 93% success rate in helping individual clients (professionals, executives and those in a position of responsibility) find positions in which they will excel, value highly and love to do.

Wise Words For Millennials and Boomers - Careers and Life


This month’s Atlantic has wise words for both millennials and boomers.

For boomers, “the biggest mistake professionally successful people make is attempting to sustain peak accomplishment indefinitely, trying to make use of the kind of fluid intelligence that begins fading relatively early in life. This is impossible. The key is to enjoy accomplishments for what they are in the moment, and to walk away perhaps before I am completely ready—but on my own terms,” says Arthur C. Brooks in his article entitled, Your Professional Decline Is Coming (Much) Sooner Than You Think Here’s how to make the most of it

Its all about re-intentioning your career, a term I learned in an interesting conversation I had at C2 Montreal 2019 this year. Instead of giving up on oneself, like the man Brooks describes at the beginning of his article, it is possible to harness the strength of boomers crystallized intelligence which he defines as: “the ability to use knowledge gained in the past. Think of it as possessing a vast library and understanding how to use it. It is the essence of wisdom. Because crystallized intelligence relies on an accumulating stock of knowledge, it tends to increase through one’s 40s, and does not diminish until very late in life.”

There is also a strong message in this article for milllenials -- their runway on their fluid intelligence is limited. There is something to be said for “just doing it” and not waiting to be fully trained and credentialed as many younger clients feel they need to be before embarking on their career. It may be better for them to determine what they are curious about and then go after a position where they can act on their top strengths and be driven by their deepest values.

Some people may say that there are no jobs like this. Our experience is just the opposite -- the jobs are out there that fit these criteria. Its all about the search strategy and sometimes it takes consultation from a career management consultant to get there faster.  

Are you considering a career transition? Wayne Greenway is Senior Partner with Career Aviators, a Certified B Corporation® that its directs profits to support programs to help vulnerable youth flourish in the face of highly stressful life situations. He is passionate about helping clients across Canada to find jobs in which they will excel, value highly and love to do.

Want to Be A Career Management Consultant?


Career Aviators Career Management Consultancy Opportunity

Would you like to learn how to help clients find careers in which they excel, value highly and love to do? Are you ready to open and operate your own career management firm with minimal risk?

Would you like to become part of a mutually supportive network that helps clients to flourish in their careers and lives?.

Career Aviators is searching for two individuals in Montreal who are bilingual (French/English) and who would like to become career management consultants.. This opportunity will give you all the training and ongoing support you need to enable you to grow your own career management firm or add career coaching/management to your services, if you are already a coach or HR consultant (Please feel free to contact us if you are in another part of Canada and interested in opportunities in your location.).

 About Career Aviators

Career Aviators is Canada's only career management firm that is a Certified B Corporation. Our approach to career management is different from any other provider.. Career Aviators helps professionals, managers, and executives find positions in which they will excel, value highly, and love to do. The profits from our work  support programs to help vulnerable youth flourish in the face of highly stressful life situations.. We are proud of our 93% success rate in helping clients to achieve this goal.  We see clients on a weekly basis from the initiation of service until they are employed in a job that fits.

 How Does This Idea Work?

 Career Aviators will provide:

  • Comprehensive training in the Career Aviators methodology

  • Co- consultation with your clients until we mutually agree that you are ready for solo practice

  • Ongoing weekly professional development and sharing of triumphs and challenges

  • Certification as a Career Aviators Career Management Consultant

  • ·The Career Aviators brand for you to use as you grow the business

  • A page about your business on our website

  • Provide you with unlimited access to our materials, forms etc

  • Collaborative business planning and learning as we grow and adapt to change

We ask you to:

  • Research any licensing issues in your community or province

  • Find 3 Beta clients

  • Set up a sole proprietorship for a career management consultancy

  • Successfully complete the full training ( 100 hours of training and supervised practice)

  • Prepare your Career Aviators page in French and English

  • Find more clients during training and going forward

  • Keep 75% of your earnings. 25% is directed to Career Aviators to grow the business for all of us across the country.

  • Agree to maintain the integrity of the Career Aviators methodology and brand for 5 -7 years

  • Bring another business or coaching strength to the benefit of a Canada wide team



  • Be Montreal based

  • Bilingual with excellent communication skills in French (written and oral)

  • Empowerment oriented with a demonstrated ability to help others flourish

  • Curious, life-long learner with a keen interest in professional development

  • Experienced in counselling, coaching or related work

  • Solution focused, sound judgement with a good sense of humour and flexible in attitude

  • Committed to  helping clients from initial contact until they have successfully transition

  • Bachelors degree in a relevant program and proven success in a related line of work or equivalent

  • Proven experience in networking with a strong network of helpful contact

  • High degree of resilience and determination to make the business successful


  •  Proven experience in sales, marketing and communications is highly desirable

  • Graduate studies in management, counselling or other related program

  • Professional qualification in social work, psychology  coaching  or career development

  • Previous success in helping others with resumes, job search and career transitions

If you are interested in discussing this exciting opportunity, please contact:

Wayne Greenway,

Chief Executive Officer, Career Aviators

LinkedIn: ca.linkedin.com/in/wgreenway

E: wayne.greenway@careeraviators.com

P: 1866 873 7633

Stuck: Nervous About Starting Or Growing Your Business?   You are not alone!

Photo by  Tomas Tuma  on  Unsplash

Photo by Tomas Tuma on Unsplash

Fear of failure prevents many Canadians from starting a business. The 2018 data from Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM), an organization dedicated to the study of entrepreneurship, shows that among Canadians who say there are good opportunities for entrepreneurship, that 43 percent would be prevented from starting a business due to fear of failure.

We see it in our Career Management practice. Clients come to us trying to discern their best direction.  They have a business plan that they have worked on with their business advisor. The business advisor is happy with the business planning to date.  They are ready to move forward but they get stuck! They don’t know if they should take the plunge and leave their job to move forward with the business. Sometimes the idea of  dabbling in the business while they remain in their job does not get traction either, even though it would be a less risky decision.

Its thoughts like: “this is going to fail,” ” I will never be successful,” “who would buy my products or service,” “there is too much competition,” “it will never work etc.”  that override the logic of the business planning and often what the client deeply wants to do

They are stuck. While a number of authors offer suggestions to help submerge these thoughts or to reframe them, we find that this often just gives these kind of thoughts more power. Quick fixes don’t work well and even when we think they have worked, the thoughts often creep back in a different way.

We are working on a process to help people to develop a practice where they  become increasingly skilled at getting unstuck. They act on their strengths in the direction of their values to achieve what is deeply matters to them.  Read more



Wayne Greenway is Senior Partner with Career Aviators, a Certified B Corporation® that directs all profit to innovative youth leadership initiatives in Guelph, Ontario, Canada. He is proud of a 93% success rate in helping helps clients from across Canada to find jobs in which they will excel, value highly and love to do. Helping clients to get unstuck and move forward in career and business decisions is a regular part of his work. He is becoming known as a thought leader in this area.

Getting Stuck Giving Performance Feedback

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In career management, I only hear the employee’s side of issues but an estimated 60% of clients seen to date have received no performance reviews or very little detailed feedback on their work. It’s a common  reason for wanting to transition. 

In a 2017 HBR Blog Post, Jack Zenger and Joseph Folkman confirm through their survey that 44% of managers find giving negative feedback very stressful but the interesting result was that  37% of the people who took their  self-assessment conceded that they don’t even give positive reinforcement!

“One of the most difficult parts of a manager’s job is giving feedback. In a survey of 7,631 people, we asked whether they believed that giving negative feedback was stressful or difficult, and 44% agreed.”

Giving feedback is incredibly difficult for most of us. When talking with managers about giving feedback, the authors report that they “often hear comments such as, “I did not sleep the night before,” “I just wanted to get it over quickly,” “My hands were sweating and I was nervous,” and “They don’t pay me enough to do this job.”

Giving feedback raises thoughts in us such as:: “This is going to backfire”, “I have never been any good at giving feedback”, “The person is going to hate me,” “if I don’t do this right I could have group dynamics problems,” or “who am I to give this positive feedback,” “they are going to think I am manipulating them or I am being artificial. “

The result is that managers get stuck and the feedback, that they know is valuable just does not happen.

“We find that because of this anxiety, some managers resist giving their direct reports any kind of critical feedback at all: when we asked a different group of 7,808 people to conduct a self-assessment, 21% admitted that they avoid giving negative feedback.”

In our practice, we find that people get stuck by similar kinds of thoughts at many different stages of their career discernment and job search process. Often they do not notice they are stuck and they let other things in life take priority over the task they are avoiding, which they know is more important to their long term fulfillment.

We have been working on the development of a process based on positive psychology and acceptance and commitment therapy  that we teach people to help them get unstuck and while it  takes practice and a sense of determination, it seems to work well for most people and they often talk about how it helps them get unstuck in other parts of their life.  Learn more





Wayne Greenway is Senior Partner with Career Aviators, a Certified B Corporation® that directs all profit to innovative youth leadership initiatives in Guelph, Ontario, Canada. He is proud of a 93% success rate in helping helps clients from across Canada to find jobs in which they will excel, value highly and love to do. Helping clients to get unstuck and move forward in career and business decisions is a regular part of his work. He is becoming known as a thought leader in this area.

Career Aviators, Guelph ON  --- Overwhelmed By the Kindness of Others


April 2, 2019

I am overwhelmed by the tremendously encouraging notes and the generous gifts from colleagues and friends  to support a Go Fund Me Campaign I established just 19 days ago.

Recently, I was selected as one of 29 speaker accompanist/ support volunteers for the internationally renown C2 Conference 2019 and the Movin'on Summit in Montreal (May/June 2019).   These conferences are renowned educational experiences that draw top international thinkers and business leaders to focus on business development for a better planet. 

What makes attendance so important to me is that I can use the knowledge and connections to grow my business which directs 100% of its profit to innovative youth leadership initiatives in Guelph.

While my volunteer acceptance waives the registration fee of $6000.00 for both conferences,  Career Aviators is still in its start-up phase (This is my first year of working at it full time) and unfortunately, we don’t have a professional development fund to cover the associated costs.

I initially thought I would need to decline the offer to volunteer at the conferences. Yet, I did not want to lose the opportunity.  These conferences could make a huge difference to Career Aviators. Both Conferences are entirely experiential and consequently participants develop different and deeper kinds of  relationships with other participants than they do at traditional conferences.

“Forget everything you know about conferences. You won’t find any trade floors or exhibitors’ booths here. C2 Montréal is about experiencing the unexpected, taking a step back, recharging and leaving your comfort zone behind. This three-day event brings together visionaries and forward-thinkers from around the world to explore the relationship between commerce and creativity, and its potential to redefine business” is what C2 describes on their website.

My research showed past participants had all made connections or gained new ideas which shifted and grew their businesses. This kind of learning could assist Career Aviators in reaching  its goal of directing 20,000.00 per year, by 2023, to innovative youth leadership initiatives in Guelph

What also attracts me is their interest in sustainability. C2 describes the theme, Now:

“Global challenges require us to make impactful efforts, both individually and collaboratively, right now. The business community is home to the kinds of powerful, broad-spectrum thinkers and doers who can influence and evolve — perhaps even revolutionize — the ways in which we work while leading towards a better, more sustainable and inclusive future.”

Their interest in sustainability is also reinforced by hosting the Movin’On Summit held one week later on the same site, which explores new and actionable solutions to address global challenges that will define the future of mobility.

Sustainability, Creativity, Business Growth and Innovation are the foundation of these conferences and that aligns with why Career Aviators became a Certified B Corporation in 2017  




Wayne Greenway is 75% on his way to Montreal thanks to many kind supporters. Words simply cannot express his gratitude to those who are helping me to grow Career Aviators through the learning and contacts he gains at these conferences

Interested in helping Wayne get the rest of the way there? Go Fund Me Campaign

Mindfulness: The Platform To Get Unstuck

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Mindfulness is a process of awareness. It involves paying attention to experience in the moment as opposed to being caught up in thoughts (Harris 2009)

Mindfulness is spending any amount of time focused on one object while you let all of your other thoughts and feelings pass through your mind without attending to them.

With practice, you can experience a whole new world as you focus on the present. It is the platform from which to grow permanently unstuck

Interested in learning more  about mindfulness ?

Interested in learning more about getting unstuck so you can move forward using your strengths in the direction of your values ?