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Career Aviators Helps You Find Jobs That “Fit“… Faster 


We Work Side By Side Our Clients Every Week Empowering Them To Land A Job That “Fits”

Changing careers is a really big deal - and Wayne gets it. He took the time to get to know me and my unique situation so that he could provide insightful and personal advice on how to proceed. - Sarah J, Vancouver. BC

I learned a great deal about what was important to me in my next opportunity and techniques to target companies that fit my criteria. I landed a fantastic job that fit my skills set with a great company. My career consultant/mentor was involved throughout the process, contacting me regularly to ensure everything was going well. I greatly appreciated all the support provided and their commitment to my success. - Frank S, Calgary Alberta

What I liked most about Career Aviators was their genuine, positive and authentic commitment to their work, coupled with various tools, techniques and suggestions for navigating the career minefield. - Pamela G, Calgary, Alberta

Career Aviators helped me realize my own potential and my skill set to harness that power to do better things in this world. It was a great experience as I was able to enjoy my time off, volunteer in the community and understand where I wanted to go as I had the chance to "start over"! The result of our work together was that I became a stronger person. I know what I can do and give and I am proud of my accomplishments! Careers Aviators knows how to do it well and always encourages you to look at the brighter side of the situation. - Mary B, Guelph, Ontario.

Wayne was a tremendous assistance to me, he was patient and took the time to explore what I really needed. He provided great feedback, while guiding me as I worked through my career path. His mentorship was invaluable in a time of stress and chaos in my life. - Charles S, Kitchener, ON

Thanks Wayne - I couldn't have done it without you! - Sarah J, Vancouver, BC

Whenever I needed some input or suggestions Wayne was right there to help out, empowering me to get some great jobs. Wayne points you in the right direction with the tools you need to let you find what you're looking for. - Sam B, Ottawa, ON

Wayne is a wonderful coach who strives to assist his students to achieve their desired results. - Andrew B, Calgary, Alberta 


Our Clients’ Job Searches Soar When They Create A Powerful Career/Life Statement.

The best thing about Wayne was his ability to help me determine what I really wanted to do in my career. He gave me information when it was needed but also stand back and let me take charge of my search. He was there every step of the way. - Richard Allison, Burlington, Ontario

My career/life statement was invaluable. It helped me target what I wanted to do next and how that fit with other aspects of my life. It gave me a foundation and then guided my search. Wayne reviewed this with me to help decide between offers. - Len S Vancouver, BC

I was skeptical about the balloon ride exercise [Guided imagery component of Career Aviators Self Exploration Process] but it really gave me new ideas for what I wanted to explore and now I am in one of those careers! - Amy N, Toronto, Ontario

What was fantastic about Career Aviators and working with Wayne was that the process and exercises undertaken enabled me to recognize what really motivates me with regards to work and where my passions lie. - Andrew B, Calgary, Alberta

I can manifest my ideas into goals that can be pursued and accomplished with a little work and determination. It is not as scary or impossible to represent myself in the job market as I thought it would be. - Tania R, Peterborough ON


Our Clients Create Effective Search Strategies To Find Jobs Before They Are Posted

I sent out over 200 applications with no replies before I found Career Aviators. With your help my entire approach changed from chasing online jobs to deciding what I wanted to do and seeking out those opportunities. The field research interviews were time consuming but far more effective. One of those contacts helped me find current job. I am so grateful for all your ideas and encouragement. - Helen S, Hamilton ON

A huge high five to Wayne for all of his support in helping me find and land a job working for my dream organization! Since losing my job in June, Wayne was there to help me discover my talents, skills, and future goals. ! He was a shining light in the resume and cover letter writing process, showing me how I could tailor and perfect each line for the job I was applying for. Not only was Wayne extremely professional and consistent in his assistance, but he was also very personable, making the task of finding a job far less taunting. All of this was integral to the eventual success of my job search! I am so grateful for his support and would highly recommend him and his services to anyone having to find a job!

The field research interviews really boosted my self-confidence and made me realize that there was no limit to the opportunities available to me. There really is a hidden job market! - Sarah J, Vancouver BC

Thanks to Career Aviators I found my current job before it was ever posted online. I impressed the employer with my resourcefulness and tact which landed me the job all thanks to Career Aviators. - Sam B, Ottawa ON


Our Clients Are Proud Of Their Cover Letters and Resumes That They Have Customized For Maximum Impact. Then They Impress Their Future Employers In Their Interview.

We spent hours going back and forth on my Master resume but once it was complete, I could customize my resume in half the time. I began getting interviews as soon as my resume changed to showcase what I did well. Thank you Career Aviators for all your support throughout my job search. I love my new job and my summers off is fantastic too. - Irene H, Brantford, Ontario

I am grateful for the opportunity I had to work with Wayne when looking for a job. Wayne was honest and open about the job hunting process, and helped me understand the realities around it. His insight and advice was extremely helpful throughout my application and interviewing process. I now have steady full time work, in a profession that I very much enjoy. " - Keirsten W, Peterborough ON

How I wanted to come across was not how I was showing up in the interview. Wayne helped me see that I was so afraid of them thinking I was too old for the job that it was hiding my talent. It took a lot of practice and intensive conversations with Wayne but somehow I landed the job. - William G, Hamilton Ontario

Wayne led me through a thorough and concise mock interview, helping solidly prepare me for the real deal. I was certainly impressed with his constructive advice, helping me understand how I could really shine in my personal interview. - Samuel R Vancouver, BC

Wayne provided me with a strategic approach to each interview that helped me to articulate my talents and make a really good impression. - Sarah J, Vancouver, BC