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Career Development Services

Our highly practical career development services cover everything from creating a career development plan to negotiating your starting salary and determining your future career path. Learn More.


Free 1-Hour Career Consultation

Together, we will work on your immediate issues and then jointly determine how we will work together to create your personalized career development plan using the outline described below.


Put Together Your Flight Plan
We’ll help you to pinpoint your destination and create a strategy to get there.

  • Understand yourself and your career passions
  • Identify your most promising career paths
  • Develop a job search strategy for each career path
  • Prepare your master resume


Uncover The Unique Opportunities You Won’t Find On Your Own Or
On The Web

Tailor your job applications to align with your career plan for maximum impact.

  • Identify job opportunities
  • Interview professionals in your chosen field that align with your career plan
  • Debrief field research interviews and refine your job search strategy
  • Tailor your master resume to specific job opportunities and create highly targeted cover letters


Succeed In The Interview
You’ve impressed your prospective employers on paper. Now learn how to impress them in person.

  • Develop your job interview strategy and skills
  • Rehearse your interviews with feedback
  • Debrief your interviews
  • Evaluate your offer with respect to your career plan


Negotiate A Better Offer
Done correctly, asking for a better package can actually improve the impression you make on your employer while increasing your salary.

  • Develop a plan of approach to a prospective employer
  • Rehearse your salary negotiations
  • Review your experience negotiating your new position
  • Manage your probationary period in the new job


Career Development Planning is Not A One-Time Process
Build the career plan you need to move forward in an ever-changing work environment. These sessions are tailored to your specific needs, but could include:

  • Review and update your career plan
  • Make the right connections in your organization and beyond
  • Develop a strategy for professional development and training
  • Manage your new work environment



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