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Leadership Development for the Non Profit Sector

You want your department, organization or your project to flourish.

You want a strategic planning process that engages, energizes and transforms your organization.

You want to know if you are ready for major gifts or a capital campaign and how to best move forward with it.

You want to optimize your team’s leadership skills, and relationship management skills including a culture that fosters leadership development among your volunteers and staff empowering them with the relationship management skills to sustain and grow such a culture.

You want a team of volunteers of the highest calibre and you want a waiting list of eager highly qualified volunteers?


This kind of flourishing is possible and we can help you make it happen. Our role is to teach, coach, motivate, support, advise and guide you.

We provide consultation and workshops in the following areas:

  • Strategic Planning - creating new futures – unlocking your thinking and planning for success
  • Solution Directed Planning
  • Positive organizational restructuring
  • Innovative volunteer development and retention
  • Leadership skills -- relationship management skills, conflict management skills
  • Preparing for fundraising and sponsorship development (volunteers, staff and board)
  • Readiness for major gift development

Our workshops are fully customized for each client or organization. We consistently receive the highest level of satisfaction and feedback from our participants.


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