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We offer an attractive fee structure to our clients. We also offer work exchanges to assist people with difficult financial circumstances.  

Pay What You Think It Is Worth Fee Structure
To get us started, we ask for a non-refundable deposit of $100.00 (if you are working) and $50.00 (if you are not working)

We will work with you on a weekly basis from our first meeting until you land your new position. You pay the initial deposit, as described above and then, after you are in your new position, you pay what you think our services has been worth to you. You may also stop the service at any time and pay what you think our services has been worth to you.

Using this method of payment, we suggest the full service is worth $1200. or 3% of your first years wages in the new job, but you pay what you think it is worth to you. Your payment, after you land your job can be made all at once (preferred) or over several months.

If you need specific help with a particular part of your job search just contact us and we will work out a customized programme with a fixed fee for you.

Learn more about pay what you think our services have been worth to you. Learn More