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About Career Aviators

Career Aviators is a "Social Purpose Business" that helps clients transition into a career that will bring meaning and happiness into their lives. We provide career planning and transition support to serve those in the early, middle, and late stages of their career.
All profit from Career aviators is gifted to charitable organizations to provide innovative youth leadership initiatives in Guelph, Ontario.

About Our Team

Wayne Greenway
Senior Partner

For more than 20 years, Wayne Greenway has helped individuals to effectively transition through some of life’s toughest situations. He has a unique ability to help others to identify their hidden strengths and motivate them to achieve success. His experience in conducting more than 5000 interviews to select people for a wide range of professional and volunteer positions has given him experience from the “other side of the table” to help clients succeed.”

Wayne is proud of Career Aviator’s unique process which incorporates the latest research and ideas of some of the top career development professionals in Canada and United States.

To the leadership development services side of the business, Wayne brings with him vast experience in non – profit management, volunteer development and much success in capital campaign/major gift planning and acquisition.

His passion for helping both individuals and organizations to flourish fuels his desire to reach out across Canada with the value of what Career Aviators has to offer both individuals and organizations.


Consulting Professionals and Student Associate Consultants

Career Aviators relies on an outstanding team of consulting professionals to enable us to provide the highest quality of career mentoring for our clients.

Edward Bird
Business and Career Consultant

Edward Bird has had successful careers in the military, advertising, and marketing. He was a teacher for many years. He currently runs a highly respected art sales and appraisal business.


Jim Hayhurst Sr.
Founding Partner, The Right Mountain

Career and Motivational Expert. Philanthropist. Two-time best-selling author. Ad man. Mountaineer.
Jim Hayhurst Sr. is the founder of The Right Mountain Inc. and an internationally-recognized inspirational speaker who has helped millions to unlock their career and life potential.
For more than fifteen years, Jim owned and ran one of Canada’s largest advertising agencies, which he sold to Saatchi & Saatchi in 1985. Since then, his career help centre and corporate consulting group have helped thousands of individuals and hundreds of organizations around the world define and achieve success.


Donald  Lamont
Business Advisor

Donald Lamont has held several senior executive positions with the Kidney Foundation of Canada, the United Way, The Huntington Society of Canada, the Ontario Community Newspaper Association and the Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants. In 1989, he established a successful management consulting business, Donald Lamont and Associates. Over his career, Don won four national achievement awards and helped to found The Canadian Coalition for Genetic Fairness, Healthpartners, ComBase and Community Media Canada. 


Melissa Martin
Bilingual Career and Social Media Strategist

Career/job search specialist and approved job search expert offers strategic, bilingual job/career coaching and counselling, personal branding, and interview coaching. She has empowered and motivated clients from the military, police, education, nursing, health, sales and retail fields.
A leader in employment/career services, Melissa is a certified solution-focused Career Specialist. She diligently tracks cutting-edge trends for which she has held sway amongst colleagues and employment/service providers.

Melissa is an approved career expert on, the #3 career site on the internet and on www.secretsofthejobhunt,com.

For 10 years, Melissa enjoyed a successful career as a radio broadcaster in Southern Ontario and Northern New York.


Julie Stauffer
Communications Consultant

Resume writer Julie Stauffer is an award-winning communications professional who knows how to capture an employer’s attention, showcase your strengths and summarize your experience clearly and succinctly. Like Wayne, she has extensive experience screening resumes and interviewing job candidates, as well as a broad knowledge of the corporate, government and non-profit worlds.


Student Associate Consultants

Career Aviators believes that the involvement of high calibre youth in a leadership capacity is one of the greatest assets any firm could mobilize. They bring the newest knowledge, creativity, and a vibrant sense of energy and enthusiasm to the firm. When these qualities are combined with the experience of senior partners and consulting professionals, it produces innovation, increased productivity, and successful results.

Career Aviators plans to grow this side of the business, providing both experience and employment to talented youth who can bring these qualities to the firm.